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Secret Neighbor is a sequel to the famous surreal survival game Hello Neighbor. This time it’s multiplayer. Following the huge success of the original Hello Neighbor, it was released in October 2019 and became as successful immediately. In terms of positive rates and reviews it has even surpassed the origin.

After the protagonist of the original game got locked in the basement (see the origin), his friends come to the rescue. They intend to find the keys, get down to the basement and release the prisoner. But the Neighbor is out here hunting, catching the children one by one. The young trespassers only have 15 minutes to reach the basement.

Choose the side to play for! You can be either a kid, one of the party in the house, or the Neighbor, the evil master setting traps and disguising himself as the nearest kid. The kids need to find the keys to the basement hidden in the house and then get to the basement door to unlock it. The Neighbor has to prevent it, catching kids one by one.

There are traps, bombs, dead ends, and strange ways all around the house, and kids have to explore them, while the owner already knows it all. Luckily, the kids have various useful skills. Some can detect keys, some carry more items, some encourage others, and so on. You can select the class before playing.

Kids on a Mission

The game is more of an adventure now than of horror. We know the story, there’ll be no extra revelations. We are just to complete the mission in the already familiar environment. The logic is less sick than in Hello Neighbor, and the behavior of characters is more rational and human.

The game adds something to the lore of the Neighbor’s world, being in no way a copy of the origin. It keeps the same visual style, the same location, and the same surreal setting. But playing as the Neighbor adds much to the feel. Teamwork is also the element that now the game introduces directly, without YouTube.

You Can Be the Neighbor!

The task before the developers now was harder. They couldn’t impress players with visuals and story, because it only works once. Bugs and inconsistent action, forgivable in the first installment, now are harder to get away with. And the game should be anything but a replica.

Secret Neighbor solves all these problems. It’s way better technically. Its gameplay is completely different. It’s a shame that it’s only available on Xbox and Windows 10, but probably otherwise matching would have been worse. But if you can install Secret Neighbor, it’s definitely worth a try.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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