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Guitar Tuner is a tuning application that is in high demand due to its rich functionality. It allows the beginners and experts to adjust the guitar, bass, and other string instruments to the best sounding. You can find recommendations for the professionals and guitar teachers to use this app.

Explicit visual content

The interface is well done with comprehensive visual feedback. The app is designed by guitarists and the world’s leading audio engineers, that is why you can count on its quality. You will see a wrist-pin on the screen with the corresponding buttons to tap to adjust the instrument.  Also, it is possible to make the app look like your guitar choosing various headstock visuals which can be applied to your interface.

Simple and easy to use

The app is based on audio recognition technology with noise cancellation. It allows you to work with various string instruments that have the built-in microphone, acoustic and electric guitars. You should not use any cables to apply it. It is affordable even for dummies due to simple usage. But the result is at the professional level being very accurate. Download the app on Android and iOS mobile devices and enjoy over 100 tunings intended for 15 instruments. Ensure that the microphone on your smartphone is on and start plucking the strings so that the app could detect the sound and deliver the tuning feedback. The process is extremely easy.


The app comes with over 100 tunings, including the standard, half step down, drop A and D, and others. There is a metronome equipped with multiple and tap-for-tempo time signatures. Also, you can benefit from a chromatic tuner. There is a rich chord library where you can find various exercises and games, allowing you to master your skills. The app provides the signal history. It will perform the tasks even in noisy areas as far as there is a background noise cancellation technology guaranteeing the clean result. Also, it helps to increase your picking speed.

For guitarists from guitarists

The app is well-done, coming with a pro version for the advanced experience. You can spend your money to diverse its functionality and buy in-app products. It is constantly updated, and every time the minor fixes make it better. Every time you will get access to the tuner bringing a wide range of instruments.

Download it if you like BOSS Tuner, CarlTune.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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