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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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Microsoft Word is a popular writing application. This word processor is a powerful tool you need under any circumstances if you are involved in activities connected with the creation of a text document. Use it on the go and have your office with you at any place you are at the moment.

Functional design

The design looks similar to the design of a desktop version of the app. The layout is well thought out and suits a mobile format to the most extent. You will get a wide range of tools on the top menu bar with icons for quick access. Tap on any of them to apply it.

Rich in options

The app allows you to write, read, edit a document, collaborate with your colleagues discussing this paper, view it, and introduce amendments. Using Microsoft Word, you can open the files of various formats, leave comments in them, and grant access to the file to people engaged in the process. If you use a desktop version of Microsoft Word, you know the functionality. The mobile app includes most of the options, but still, there are restrictions. You will find the basic tools like page layout, fonts, and various formatting features. It is possible to edit charts even. There are extra options built in particular for a mobile edition.

Usage is simple

You will not meet any difficulties with usage because everything is clear. Though you have never seen this software, you can feel confused due to an impressive number of options. Just explore the menu with all its content, and you will know the functionality of the app. You can create a new doc, save it in the app choosing the appropriate folder, send it to the other user with a simple tap. The creator of the file has the right to permit or deny access to it. Using Word on a mobile device, you can zoom in the text while reading to read more conveniently. The app allows us to work with PDF documents converting them to and from Word format. You can save it right as PDF and share making a couple of taps.

Useful individual app by Microsoft

Microsoft Word has the most key Office features and almost the same design. Use it for edits on the go alone or in a fruitful collaboration with your colleagues. It is rich in various options, editing formats, and layouts. You are suggested to save the files in OneDrive cloud storage and benefit from a spare space on your mobile device.

Download it if you like Google Docs, Apache OpenOffice.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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