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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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The Marco Polo is a video-based instant messaging application compatible with any mobile devices. Your messages will be sent immediately, and the recipient will get them instantly. It comes with all its current updates and new features, enhancing the user’s experience.

Simply designed

The app is well done. It can boast of a comprehensive layout and, as a result, simple navigation allowing to perform the task in no time. The conversation is performed with two simple moves: tapping on the Start and Stop button. It looks like more towards social media format, but it still differs. You will not see randomly generated content in your feed. The information only comes from your friends.


The app is a private online area of a user. That is why you can join someone’s account only after you get its owner’s permission. You can apply the video calls feature, send pictures, and benefit from face-to-face text messaging. The size of the sent message or video is unrestricted. The app provides a lot of fun features, among which you can even find filters being able to alter your voice. It is possible to leave your comments or any other information written on videos. Here you will not find a text chatting. Also, a direct message option is not applicable. The app allows us to see the members of this online society, even if they are not among your contacts. It is safe and kid-friendly. The content is stored in the cloud.

Safety is guaranteed

You can sigh with relief as far as your data is not collected and used for commercial purposes. You can delete the videos or save them to review later – at your discretion. You should be aware of those who have access to your smartphone and account if you want to provide confidentiality of the content you store on your hard disk. The app is rather safe. Indeed, there are several levels of protection. If you care, you can pay for the subscription and get the securest version. But this is needed in special circumstances. The average safety requirements are met with a free version. What is definitely good with the premium product is its expanded functionality.

Three tools in one

This is an app for your close friends and dear family. Only if you have a telephone number of a person, you can find him under this environment. Enjoy its text messaging, quality video calls, and communication in the format of social media.

Download it if you like Signal, Viber Messenger, Line.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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