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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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Garmin Connect is an application enabling you to unlock the tools which will enhance your training, whether you are running or working out. It helps you achieve the best results in those activities and become healthier. It comes in two variants: a web site and a mobile app. Thus, you can download the latter and track your progress on the go.

Enjoy the perfect design

The interface is quite clear and self-explanatory. If you like the Dark theme, you are welcome to apply it. The app will show your actual heart rate, the number of steps, intensity minutes, and the set by you. At any moment, you can check it out. There are clear, colorful diagrams and various controls. It is possible to personalize the app and customize the performances.

Features in details

You can use this app under various circumstances, from preparing for a marathon to simple walking. Set the challenges, and do your best to complete them. Beat the time of other users in the local community or follow your schedule without competition. Be sure the app will provide you with more tools to keep your training under control. It is compatible with the particular mobile devices. You should look at the specification requirements. From now on, you can track your activities, choose the workouts, or develop your program. On a My Day page, the app will show your health data, including the calories you have burnt. It allows you to invite friends to join you or link to like-minded persons for motivation.

For vital purposes

The app is highly tailorable. Just decide on your goals and determine your problems so that it could deliver healthy living tips in accordance with your needs. This is a kind of assistance reminding you about the schedule, forcing you to perform the tasks and inviting you to get involved in weekly challenges. It will track and record your progress, give you badges for compliance with the plan. You can view your results in the Insights. And remember, Garmin adapts the goals to your lifestyle, requiring you to meet the preset metrics. But you can edit your goals and feel much comfortable if the app makes too high demands.

Efficient Assistant

Using this splendid app, you can customize the screen, set the metrics even deeper or remove them, view your averages for the week, apply for the sleep detection support. There are so many possibilities with its functionality that you should download it and try.

Download it if you like RunKeeper, Strava, Fitbit

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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