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Hello Neighbor is a popular stealth game where you are suggested to play against the artificial intellect from a first-person perspective. The idea is simple and clear. Your character is expected to get into the house where his strange Neighbor lives. It goes without saying that the owner of the premises is not happy with your curiosity and tries to stop you by catching you. But you continue to invent the ways to get in. Be ready for rather complicated puzzles.

Vivid colors and nice design

The developer has succeeded in creating the speaking environment with plenty of details. The colorful, cartoonish visuals are excellent. Playing within the house you will explore its rooms. The floor is enlarged while you are playing. Thus, the basic level can be more complicated in regard to the restricted area in a small house where you will find it difficult to hide.

What are the challenges?

Your Neighbor with the mustache is known as Mr.Peterson. He looks to loom large and behaves in a strange manner. Your character will suspect him to keep something awful in secret. It is not clear from the storyline why you should reveal it, but you feel it’s tempting to find out more about that weird Neighbor. You will face difficulties from the very beginning, without mentioning the further complicated levels. The Neighbor will catch you all the time, and that may be frustrating. But believe that it is possible to beat him out. Reasoning from this fact, we can speak about rather strong replayability. And by the way, the title is quite child friendly. There is the only act of strangling at the beginning, but the scenes are not awful.


Though the control scheme is not complicated, the mechanics of the game are not perfect, that is why you can experiment with some difficulties with performance. Meaning that when tapping, you will not get the expected result from the first time. Or you should be accurate to get the needed result as far as the moves can be very similar. Anyway, your skills do matter here, though, the logical thinking is more important. In accordance with the gameplay, you should be smart enough to battle against the artificial intellect which is learning from your behavior.


The title is not the best within the genre, but you can try it to assay your skills. You will be suggested to solve tons of difficult puzzles with inconsequential reasoning that is why almost impossible to cope with.  But still, you can try it as a time killer.

Play it if you like Can You Escape, Dead Secret.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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