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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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Hangouts is an application developed for you to communicate easily without any payments. It is free and allows video and voice calls. There is a chatting feature too. The app is built into Google+ and Gmail and performs very well, providing rich functionality and smooth operation.

It is very simple

This app can be used by any user. The interface is user-friendly. The Home page is uncluttered, inviting to perform the needed action quickly. There is a brief menu. You can navigate it with simple tapping. If you use a web version, you should know that the design is slightly different.

The reason to choose it

There are a lot of reasons to download this app on your mobile device. Though, there are as many analogs with almost the same features too. Why should you refuse them and/or prefer this one? At the bottom of this product is its ability to make video calls with up to 10 people or in an individual format. The only condition for that is to have a Google account. This communication service allows you to arrange textual chatting in addition. It can be used for any purpose. It is good for a private connection and very useful for business talks and negotiations. Add various options like stickers, video filters, and emoji to diverse communication. Mind that your talks are synchronized on all your devices.

How to use it?

You are expected to create your contact list of those people who already use the app or invite someone to join. You can find them by phone numbers. In order to initiate conversation, follow the recommendations on the screen. You can select the New conversations, and there you will see all contacts you have at the moment. Now you can choose. Scroll the list, or apply a search option to find a person you want to invite. It is easy – tap on the name to send an invitation. While participating in the conference, you can switch off the microphone so that the others cannot hear you. Still, you will know what is going on in there. Also, you do not need any permission to quit the online meeting. Do it as soon as you need it. Mind that almost all actions here are performed with tapping and scrolling.

It is good as many others

This app is nice and reliable. It is available for free being lightweight. The chatting area is well developed, and privacy is guaranteed. Here the in-transit encryption protects your messages from third parties. It gets smarter with every update providing new features or just extended reliability.

Download it if you like Telegram or WhatsApp.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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