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Granny is a scary free-to-play horror title. It’s considered to be one hell of a genre. That is why it is so much popular regardless of its rather simple design and brief gameplay. The developers certainly had a bad experience with someone in their immediate circle to develop such a tense atmosphere. Download it to get frightened and try your ability to survive under given conditions.

Hair-raising nightmare

The graphics are so deep and deliver the horribleness of the situation that you start shudder with horror playing it. You may even get that unique feeling in your gut when that designed grandmother starts roaming around in search of you in the dark premises. She looks like a real psychopath with a baseball bat, which she applies in cold blood without hesitation when she finds you. Still, the visuals are rather primitive without too many details, but there is no need for them. The sounds, including Granny’s voice, will add to that scaring surroundings.


You will navigate a key character being locked in that dark Granny’s house. You do not know why it happens, just accept it as a given. It is important to get out of that jail until five days expire. But it is not easy to do, because Granny’s purpose is to hamper in your plans. She is a light sleeper. That is why your attempts to grope your way towards the door will meet with failures. Try to escape her hiding behind the doors or furniture. You are expected to complete a lot of challenges.

As to a control scheme – it is not complicated being well implemented. You are suggested to tap on your display to move around or apply a round white button to diverse your gaming experience. You can swipe quickly to look around and turn to the needed direction.


You will play the title again and again with vain hope for success. The tasks are rather complicated. It is possible to adjust settings to the level you feel comfortable, but even a basic one brings many trials. If you are skilled enough and like such severe challenges, you will enjoy playing. Be ready for advertisement, which cannot be avoided as far as the developer has not issued the paid package without it yet. By the way, there are no in-app purchases at all.

Impressive show

The game is worthy if you like the horror genre. It runs smoothly without lags. The controls are rather responsive and simple. Still, the rapid reaction is needed. You should be able to give a quick tap to respond to the Granny’s movements. Good luck!

Play it if you like Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood or Scary Teacher.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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