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Gacha Life is a very cute life simulator where the key goal is to dress up a character, a pretty girl, which is in your power till the last breath. Here you will get plenty of clothes, accessories, details. In addition, you will create the reality for your character. Are you ready? Then, please, take into attention that the game is very addictive.

Childish design vs. adult content

The title with high-definition graphics comes in a deep variety providing the tools which develop your creativity. It looks nice and even gorgeous for those who love anime with beautiful characters with large eyes and colorful details. Do not forget about the adult content and be ready for somewhat tense scenes. Sounding supports the visuals, but we’d say it is quite modest.

Strong replayability

As we have mentioned, playing this game, you will create your cute characters. You will be suggested to consider 20 character slots where you can choose whatever you want. You get access to a diverse collection of items like eyes, mouths, poses, colors, styles, backgrounds, which can be mixed. There is the Studio Mode, where you are expected to create scenes writing exciting stories. In the Life mode, you will be suggested to explore the areas, communicate with other players, and interact with the environment. There are towns, venues, schools, shops, clubs for you to explore.

Your possibilities

The title provides you with a toolset for the production of animation. Enjoy it to the fullest extent. There are basic mini-games with diverse challenges which will bring the gifts and bonuses. For instance, you will make a collection consisting of gems, reveal the secrets, and continue playing with all that stuff being empowered in addition. You can play on Android or iOS devices online and offline. If you are the parent of an engaged kid, you should know that parental control is quite poor here, as far as the gameplay is full of rather adult themes. And here you will be repeatedly reminded about the premium currency which should be bought so that you could get even more entertainment.

Try it if you like the genre

The title is rather good with an eye-pleasing design, but its numerous in-app purchases may cause excess expenses. If you are able to keep this aspect under control and do without additional items, you will enjoy the activities.

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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