What is singing in falsetto? How is it done? What singers use it?

But do you know exactly what falsetto is?

It is a song technique commonly used to achieve more acute notes than usual in the vocalist to provide, as well as the male voice of a fundamentally feminine trait.

It is also used by female singers to go further in their vocal records.

To understand it, we have to look at the physiological form that the body has to produce sound, that is, we must go directly to investigate what the larynx is doing when singing in falsetto.

How is it produced?

When a singer is singing in falsetto produces a light, sharp and usually airy sound.

That is because the record of the falsetto occurs with the vibration of the ligaments at the edges of the vocal cords, reaching notes outside the usual record of the singer.

Airy tone

The aerated tone is because, without proper training, this vibration occurs without closing the folds, which lets the air pass between the strings, creating that weak sound that we recognize as falsetto.

History of the falsetto

Unquestionably, the falsetto has been used for most of the history of music. Perhaps the term was camouflaged by the belief of the existence of a head voice, which, as we have said before, has an endless debate around it.

Even so, the clear example of a vocal interpreter using falsetto for most of the repertoire is that of the contractor, in charge of reaching the melodic lines that today would be aimed at sopranos or highs, and subsequently popularized by many recognized authors.

At present, singing in falsetto occurs in a wide variety of genres and styles, such as rock, barbershop groups, R&B music, yodeling or as a theatrical effect in operas and musicals.

The falsetto also appears in traditional songs of some regions, such as Hawaii or South Africa.

Examples of singers and songs that use falsetto

Many singers use the falsetto technique and that you surely know: Bruce Dickinson, vocalist of the Iron Maiden group, Freddy Mercury, the mythical Queen singer or Ian Gillan, of the Deep Purple group, are just a few examples.

The lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, is another who uses this technique. Pay attention to songs like “Politik” or “Square One” and you’ll check.

A very popular artist in Spain who uses the falsetto is Camilo Sesto. A very clear example of this is reflected in a cover of the song “Gethsemane,” which shows several moments in which the use of this technique is present.

The singer Bono, from the mythical band U2 or Axl Rose, from the group Guns N ‘Roses, are two other examples of well-known singers who resort to falsetto. Even the missing Michael Jackson used this technique in many of his songs, managing it perfectly and achieving virtuous falcons.

Another master of the falsetto was Prince. A singer who dominated this record in every musical genre of his long career. This musical genius knew how to take advantage of such a different sound, perhaps another example of the extravagance he showed all his life.

As you can see, the falsetto technique is widely used today by a large number of vocalists, since this singing technique is very effective in shading the lyrics and increases the vocal registration of singers.

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