Top Six Picks of Tablet Holders For Mic Stands

With the widespread emergence of wireless cell phones, digital cameras and mini notebooks in recent years, the space to hold these devices has increasingly been taken up by tablet computers. That means there is a real need for a top-notch microphone stand to help hold them securely.

The truth is that almost any wireless stand can handle handheld devices. However, there are certain technologies that offer superior portability, reliability and ease of use. Here are My Top 6 Picks of Tablet Holders for Mic Stands:

The Acestream Kombi Mic Stands is one of the leading brands for quality in portable video recorders. It comes in a wide range of styles and materials to match any style of decor and is a solid choice for those looking for their own portable mic stand. Acestream Kombi stands have a large range of stand accessories to fit almost any portable recording or production studio. The Kombi Mic Stands has a port for an optional iPad, and is available with a full-size monitor, screen protectors, cord management panels and other accessories.

If portability is a priority, Acestream Kombi stands may be your best bet. They have a wireless connectivity option that can double as a wireless phone. This gives you the freedom to record anywhere and use your phone at the same time.

Microphones are really expensive these days. And that is before you factor in the price of materials. Luckily, there are models out there which only cost a few hundred dollars! AcousticMic has a number of different models to suit any budget. Some come with built-in stereo speakers.

They also offer a wireless solution for making recordings. The Advantage is that they allow you to move the microphones around the room, even with people standing directly in front of you. You can record from any direction in any direction and then move them to new locations without needing to remove the recording device.

Acoustical’s Stereo Monster is one of the best picks for portable mic stands on the market. This model allows you to keep more than just your microphone with you. It comes with other accessories such as a tri-fold stand, a hard case, microphone stands and headphones. The stand has a separate headphone socket to accommodate a dedicated set of headphones.

This model has a headphone output, but you will want to plug it into a separate microphone input to get the best possible sound. The wireless setup is smooth and secure, and allows you to move the mic around the room easily. They have three different styles for your convenience.

It is easier to attach the stand to the table. There is a pre-drilled hole for the stand to fit into. It is also easier to hang the stand to hang over any other object.

The Sennheiser Microphone Stands is a highly-rated and highly-reviewed product. It comes with a screen protector, record-with-stand and mic plug. It can be disassembled for portability purposes. You can also choose a screen protector and microphone plug which come with the stand.

While some models may be bulkier than others, the Sennheiser Microphone Stands is highly recommended for consumers who have a small personal recording studio. This model is slightly bulkier than some other models, but is extremely durable and weatherproof. It is compatible with many different sizes of microphones. so it will fit nearly any environment.

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