The best Spanish singer-songwriters. What do you think?


Joaquin Sabina

King of kings, possibly the best of all the singer-songwriters this country has given. Their songs are pure verses, and in that hoarse voice, they become authentic sung poems.

” 19 days and 500 nights ” are not necessary to fall in love with his lyrics.

Joan Manel Serrat

A classic of our music, the king of melancholic melodies, and the creator of that unique song called ” Mediterranean ” or the incredible ” Penelope “.

Alejandro Sanz

The iconic singer was, remains, and almost certainly will remain forever as a reference for young people and not so young anymore. He came “stomping” and continues there.

Andrés Suarez

The Galician singer is one of the great Spanish composers of the last decade. He has created themes of very different musical genres with songs, slow, and funky.


Leiva is undoubtedly one of the greatest musical geniuses in Spain. It is amazing what this musician does, in his songs he sends us a message that he gives for so many interpretations, that you can understand and feel identified in many ways.


We see that Torque has been good to be alone, his last songs remind us of the first two works of M-Clan, throwing more rock.

Carlos Goñi

For many Spaniards that we follow from the beginning, many of the songs we play on our guitars have come out of that talent . We have seen him in many formats: band, trio, solitaire and always prints a great quality. The musician that our country will not forget.

Manolo García

50% (or more) of “The last of the line” has not stopped giving us art in the form of music, lyrics, and even painting. It is an inexhaustible source of creation.


So controversial as an excellent creator of lyrics and rhythms so catchy that it is impossible not to learn the lyrics of his songs. He is ” walking through life ” with a firm and sure step.

Antonio Flores

The loss of this great composer deprived us of having enjoyed many more compositions such as the anthem he left us (I would not doubt).

Jose Luis Perales

This list of Spanish singer-songwriters could never be complete if we had forgotten the great Jose Luis Perales. He has left for posterity beautiful songs performed by himself and other great musicians.

They are not all who are, but …

We are aware that they are not (much less) all and that these may not be the best singer-songwriters for you, that we left many without naming, but it is one of the wonders of being in Spain: we distill musical art.

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