How arpeggios are made with the guitar

It can be boring to play the same songs over and over again without adding something new to our technique.

In this sense, arpeggios are an excellent way to add color to our technique when playing the guitar.

These can take an ordinary composition to the next level and achieve much more striking results with our songs. The arpeggios are undoubtedly a very beautiful technique that requires a lot of practice and dedication, like all related to the art of playing guitar.

The origin of the arpeggios

The word arpeggio, as you may have already deduced, has Italian roots. It comes directly from the Italian arpeggiate which translates as “ playing the harp ”: this is a beautiful technique that is widely used by the harpist masters.

The arpeggios consist of touch tones of a chord but instead of them simultaneously, as is customary when playing regularly run in rapid succession and brand, usually ranging from the tone more serious the sharpest of the chord.

The technique

Thus, in this technique, when we play a chord, we go through every one of its notes, one after the other, in an agile and fast way. This is very different from playing the unfolded chord, which would happen if we did not perform the arpeggio correctly. The secret is in the speed of execution of the notes.

The arpeggio technique, original of the harpists

This technique, original from harpist masters, is easily applicable in other instruments . Especially instruments Plucked such as guitars and electric basses.

To perform an arpeggio with the guitar, if we are playing with the fingers, we must play with the alternate pick, practically the same as if we were playing a scale.

Practice everything you can

Similarly, the scanning technique helps a lot when it comes to putting arpeggios into practice. Mastering them will give us a great ability to be able to make the rapid successions of tones required by arpeggios. Once you drive them, you can follow the example of many great guitarists who use this technique to enrich their solos and demonstrate their virtues with the guitar.

The arpeggios can be complicated, however, practice makes perfect. It is a very versatile technique that you can apply in many areas of your technique. Without a doubt, it is worth learning to handle arpeggios on guitar.


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