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Houseparty Review: Grow in Popularity

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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Houseparty is a well done video-chatting app that allows you to get in touch with your friends instantly over distance. It was released in 2016 as an alternative to numerous analogs like Zoom, and it has managed to capture its market share, becoming very popular.

Looking good

The product is also considered as video-focused social media because its interface is developed for that purpose. The layout is clear, that is why you will easily cope with functionality following the displayed recommendations. The settings are allowing you to adjust the graphics to your needs and preferences. Just tap on the icons you see and get the result. For instance, the Houseparty icon will allow you to find and add a friend, and so on.

Features and possibilities

From the moment you open Houseparty, you are on. The app invites you to meet in the virtual room and talk to a person or a group. Also, you can play games here. But still, the product is designed for free conversations. You can find the people to talk in your phone contact lists or in the lists of your Snapchat and Facebook accounts. There are a lot of options to apply so that you can enjoy the process. Tap on the Breadcrumb icon, and you will see all options you can imagine. You can lock the “room” and prevent particular persons from joining the negotiations. It is possible to record the session without informing others.

Privacy and other features

When you use the app, you see who is on or who has been here recently. Also, you will see the current chatting and can leave your comment there. In order to join any running conversation, you should tap a “join” button. You can arrange a group conference or communicate with a single person. If a person you are interested in is absent, you will get a notification when he is available, or you can send such a notification to that person to make them know of your presence. To do that, you should tap a hand-wave icon. You can scroll down on the notifications screen and find the option to “mute” or “ghost”. It allows you to stay unseen when you are online. As well as your contacts may apply this option.

Summing up

The app allows users to communicate with other users through live video. It is convenient, simple, and smoothly running. If used by a kid, you, as a parent or responsible adult should know that there are some risks due to unrestricted access to the conversation.

Download it if you like Element, Hangouts, Zoom.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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