Great rock bands that follow 30 years later (and more)

They were prodigious years for music, in which great rock bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles or Pink Floyd were born. Bands, which along with some others, changed the history of music.

Today, we will focus on talking about rock groups with a glorious past and a bright present.

More than 30 years with the title of great rock groups


U2 celebrates 30 years since the launch of its now-legendary Joshua Tree. An album that consecrated them as a band with such recognizable themes as Where the streets have no name or With or without you.

The Dublin band, created in 1976, is one of the fittest groups in the music scene. Those of Bono make full in each city that they step on.


Another band that has been roaring their guitars for decades is AC /DC. The Young brothers founded in 1973 from Australia what would be the most recognizable rock band in history.

From its beginnings, its aesthetics and its sound are recognized by people of all ages and in all corners of the planet. Even having suffered many changes in its components, the band retains its seal and seems to be indestructible.

Rolling Stones

His satanic majesties. Mick Jagger and his people continue, with their more than seventy years, making all those who go to their concerts jump.

The Stones have been playing for more than 50 years. Since its inception, they were characterized by some overwhelming direct, which they still retain.


The great German band, famous for its heavies songs and rock ballads, with the great vocalist Klaus Maine at the helm have already been on stage for 50 years … and what they have left.

Guns and Roses

The Californian group, after the great double album « Use your illusion «, released a disc of versions « spaghetti incident » and began an era in which the inactivity and some tours and even some disc «Chinese Democracy» alternated The majority of the band’s original members participated.

Now they have come back together and are touring around the world in concerts that remember their best times.


The Californian hard rock band Metallica has already published a dozen albums and continues to climb the stages to make their followers vibrate. His first album (Kill ‘Em All) dates back to 1983.

Iron maiden

The legendary English heavy group has been publishing albums since 1975, and although times have passed more recognition than others (such as when Bruce Dickinson was replaced by Blaze Baley), they are still standing as all referents.

The rock is already a cult genre. And these great rock bands that have been touring stages for more than 30 years around the world show that they have something special. Something that makes them immortal.

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