Differences between guitars: electroacoustic and electric

If you are starting in the world of guitars, it is logical that you have doubts about the different types and their characteristics.

The differences between electroacoustic and electric guitars reside in the way they generate the sound:

  • so naturally
  • or artificial.


First, an acoustic guitar produces sound through the strings and is amplified naturally in the soundboard.


The electric guitar translates the vibrations of the strings from electronic devices and the sound is generated through amplifiers.

Differences between guitars: electroacoustic and electric

  • The main difference between an electroacoustic and an electric guitar lies in a small device that is simple to install in an acoustic guitar that performs the same function of translation of vibrations as in the electric one.
  • The second important difference is that an electric guitar barely has sound if you don’t connect it to an amplifier since it doesn’t have a soundboard that amplifies the sound like in acoustics, but has a robust, solid body.

The manufacture of hybrid ( electroacoustic ) guitars aims to give voice to the same type of sound, timbre or tone of the acoustic guitar. That is, it allows you to connect a sound amplification method to increase the power without losing the sound of the instrument itself.

This type of guitar incorporates a microphone input and can thus be connected to an amplifier from where the tone is adjusted (and modify it with certain effects).

To end the differences between the guitars, the electric ones have a solid body, without a soundboard. The sound is collected in a tablet, the equivalent of the microphones for the collection of the vibration of each of the guitar strings, and then translated into electrical signals that can be carried to an amplifier. These signals can be modified to achieve the characteristic sound of the electric guitar.

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