Post article image Snapchat and Amazon Present Try-On AR Feature

Snapchat and Amazon Present Try-On AR Feature

Amazon and Snapchat have teamed up to create a virtual glasses try-on tool. With the help of special lenses, you can decide on a model and immediately buy it through the marketplace.

The new tool looks and works just like other Snapchat filters. You have thousands of Amazon’s most popular sunglasses to choose from that you can try on virtually in real-time. It is convenient not only for users for shopping but also for brands that can place their products in Amazon AR and increase the reach of the target audience. This collaborative project makes eyewear shopping as easy and seamless as possible. Mobile shopping is a current modern trend. Over the past year, Amazon Fashion customers have placed more than a billion orders using mobile devices, according to the company. Collaboration with Snapchat can be a really good solution because the number of its active users is more than 350 million people.

Virtual reality tools make the online shopping process more comfortable and, most importantly, accurate. Of course, this technology only gives a partially realistic compatibility, and at the moment, it is somewhat limited; however, it can give you a general idea of a product. You can thus “try on” the thing you like and understand whether it suits you or not. It allows you to avoid wrong purchases and the hassle of returning goods. Given that technology is constantly evolving, the quality of AR try-on features will improve in the future. Modern smartphones are already equipped with LiDAR detection, which boosts virtual simulation.

The Snap developers are committed to improving the user experience and are gradually adding more and more advanced AR try-on filters. How do you like the idea of ​​shopping for glasses and other products using Snapchat lenses?

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