Post article image Overwatch 2 Fans Outraged Over Season 7’s $40 Skin Paywall

Overwatch 2 Fans Outraged Over Season 7’s $40 Skin Paywall

Blizzard Entertainment’s decision to lock Overwatch 2’s Season 7 skins behind a hefty $40 paywall has sparked a wave of backlash from fans. The move, which was unveiled as part of a promotional crossover with Diablo 4 for Halloween, has been met with widespread criticism, with many players expressing their dismay over the exorbitant pricing for the Inarius and Lilith skins.

This isn’t the first time Blizzard has introduced significant changes with the new season of Overwatch 2. The developer is known for its major updates, including new penalties for players who leave games early and the introduction of a battle pass bundle for Season 7. Despite these changes, it's the pricing of the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle that has left fans feeling frustrated and disappointed, overshadowing even the warmly received new map and Sombra rework.

Players took to social media platforms such as Reddit to voice their discontent, with many comparing the price of the bundle to that of a full game. “I’d rather buy a nice game on sale or at the same price without a sale than a disgustingly overpriced pack,” one player commented, while another pointed out, “This is how much Overwatch costs at release. This is a joke.”

What makes this situation even more contentious is the fact that the only way to acquire the coveted Diablo 4 skins in Overwatch 2 is by paying a steep price. The Rise of Darkness expansion trailer features Lilith prominently, making her skin highly desirable to players. However, the $40 price tag has left many players feeling that Blizzard is taking advantage of their loyalty to the franchise.

While live-service games often come with additional costs for Battle Passes and other premium content, Blizzard’s choice to price its latest Battle Pass almost the same as a full-priced game marks a significant leap. The negative response to this pricing strategy may serve as a wakeup call for the developer to reconsider its monetization strategies in the future.

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