Post article image Now Enjoy Google Maps Navigation on Your Wear OS 3 Wearable Without a Connected Phone

Now Enjoy Google Maps Navigation on Your Wear OS 3 Wearable Without a Connected Phone

The launch of Wear OS 3 last year gave a shot in the arm to the entire Wear OS platform, reinvigorating developer interest. One of the highlighted features was the ability to use Google Maps with LTE connectivity on wearables that did not have an actively paired phone. Google has now made this possible, allowing users to enjoy navigation directions as long as their watch is connected to the internet. 

When Samsung unveiled its 2022 foldable and Galaxy Watch 5 lineup in August 2020, Google revealed it was working on a redesigned Play Store and phoneless Google Maps navigation for Wear OS 3 watches. This feature finally became available when they released their new Play Store shortly after thereon. It provides users with turn-by-turn navigation without requiring an active phone connection while still having access to an active internet connection through Wi-Fi or LTE networks. 

Standalone Maps navigation is only available for devices running on Wear OS 3 software. Users can start navigating directly from their device or have it take over when their phone is left behind (which requires mirroring). The latter will only work if your device is paired with an Android smartphone. What’s more, this enhancement requires you to own a smartwatch with LTE support which makes it more valuable than offline maps, which do not need any internet connection at all times but only download saved areas onto your device beforehand instead. 

Having access to turn-by-turn directions from your wrist is handy, especially during runs or bike rides, since you won't be carrying around your mobile phone throughout these activities, making them easier due to less weight and bulkiness carried around wherever you go during those activities! On top of that, frequent travelers who might get lost during transit will appreciate these updates since the city's public transport systems often need clarification, even for locals, let alone foreigners or people visiting other cities!  

Introducing standalone Google Map navigation for wearables running on Wear OS 3 software without needing an actively paired smartphone undoubtfully proves how innovation continues pushing boundaries catering towards more convenience by giving us possibilities we never would've thought were possible before! So if you're looking into buying yourself one of the best Android smartwatches, then make sure you choose one with cellular capabilities so that you reap all the benefits mentioned here; enjoy autonomous GPS tracking at its finest!

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