Post article image Hotkeys Finally Added to Sons of the Forest

Hotkeys Finally Added to Sons of the Forest

Survival game Sons of the Forest by Endnight Games is dominating the Steam charts. In order to improve the player experience, the developer has just rolled out a surprise hotfix with a couple of useful tweaks. Among them is the much-awaited hotkey system, allowing players to assign items to their number keys for faster access.

One of the most requested features by the players was the addition of hotkeys. While the game did not have a hotkey system at launch, the new hotfix enables players to assign items to their number keys (0-9) while using their inventory. This makes the experience much smoother and less clunky, especially in stressful situations like when being chased by cannibals. 

Apart from the hotkey system, the hotfix also comes with a couple of other small tweaks. For instance, tapping Escape will now close the construction manual, the 'grab bag' (when you're holding up your backpack), and the tutorial book, improving the clunky interface. Scene prompts have also been improved for better clarity, and several more tips have been added to the loading screen.

However, if you are using mods such as the debug console mod that lets you play with Sons of the Forest cheats, you may have trouble running those mods following the hotfix. Although, a quick exit and restart of Steam and the Thunderstore mod manager should help fix this issue. 

In conclusion, the addition of the hotkey system is one of the biggest changes to Sons of the Forest so far and should make the game even more enjoyable for players. The hotfix has also addressed other complaints, such as improved cutscene skip prompts, a tutorial for heavy attacks, and hints on the loading screen. Although, players using mods might have trouble running them after the update.

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