Post article image Google Improves Search in Gmail and Chat

Google Improves Search in Gmail and Chat

Google has always been about search, and it was hard to imagine how it can improve its search features further. Yet it did. Now it’s time for Google Chat and Gmail users to see what good search looks like. The recent update both apps received will make it easier to search for certain texts, words, or fragments throughout the archives.

First, the Google Chat app will now offer suggestions as you type in the search field. These suggestions will be related to your search history, so they will be more relevant to your chat content than usual suggestions. This will help you faster find any specific message in your history and also help you with some exotic words and names you don’t remember how exactly to spell.

As for Gmail, it received an update related to labels. Now you can search within a certain label only, which will make the process faster. In addition, the return will only contain relevant emails under this label, so you can pick the one you need faster as well. For searching under a certain label, you can also use a search chip in the general search bar in the Gmail app.

In the web version of Gmail, in the meantime, the search also received an improvement. If you enter a query and there is no exact match, Gmail will return related results found in your mail. It will also show archived emails. These fuzzy results are helpful if you don’t remember the phrase precisely or search for “something like that”.

Users on Android can enjoy the improved search right now. As for iOS, the apps will be updated by the end of October. Maybe by the time you’re reading this the updates have already arrived on your iDevice too.

Have you already noticed these search improvements? Did they make your Gmail and Google Chat experience better and more convenient? Share your impressions with us in the comment section if you please!


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